Random Encounters Gaming Website

Random Encounters Gaming

The Random Encounters Gaming (REG) group has a new website released to the public.

Random Encounters Gaming

We approached REG a year and a half ago. They needed to get a foot in the online world. After a quick lunch at Hu-Hot in Springfield MO, we had them set up on our Chupacabra package. A lot has changed for them since then:

  • They started getting more popular
  • Charity events requested their attendance
  • Their followers increased

It was time to change the website.

Today they are sitting on Joomla, a content management system designed to make displaying new content to their users simple and fast. We’ve set them up with a very flexible template that will allow them to publish their events, interact with their users, and display new content about the newest games they’re playing.

We’re happy that their site is completed. We hope Random Encounters Gaming continues to grow into the future!