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Crowd-FundingGo to the Market

In recent years, companies like IndieGoGo, KickstarterCrowdfunder, and Patreon have changed the way projects get funded. Gone are the days of having to find an angel investor, or take out a personal loan on your home. It is now possible to go directly to the public and receive “crowd-funding” for a project.

The primary benefit is control and ownership of the project. On the popular show “Shark Tank”, product developers often sell off large portions of their company in order to fund their idea. They then control the culture, direction, and vision of the company. Often times founders get pushed out of their own idea by investors.

Why? Because investors claim to know what the market wants, and how best to make that happen. Crowd-funding skips investors, and goes directly to customers. By going directly to the customers, you retain ownership. Above that, you will learn whether you have a viable product/service that the market is willing to support.

How can we help you?

By giving you the tools you need to succeed. We develop easy-to-use tools that will give you a clearly defined path to success. We also will help you build your marketing material, provide ideas and resources for video/graphic editing, to picking a platform, and work with you every step of the way. From concept to delivery, we want your idea to succeed.

How do I pick a Crowd-Funding Platform?

Each platform is different, and you need to understand what the strengths are before you make a choice. Patreon, for example, focuses on individuals providing a recurring service/item. Kickstarter pushes for creativity and small business growth. No matter what your goal is, or the size of your operation, Qiwi Trails will be there to help you pick the best platform, plan and manage costs, develop rewards, and advertise your project.

If you’re thinking of starting a crowd-funding campaign, reach out to us, and we’ll help you plan out something successful and fun.