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We believe in creating Open Source software where it makes sense to. It fosters community and good software design.

Open Source software is a commonly used term in the computer industry to describe software that anyone can modify. The source code for the programs are completely available to the public for anyone to modify for any purpose, according to the terms of the license agreement. The Open Source Initiative website has a wealth of information available on it, including various types of licensing that can help developers retain some ownership of their work, and protect their ability to make an income off their software. Qiwi Trails Hosting is partial to the MIT License, but we evaluate each project individually when choosing the type of license that it is going to have.

As such, Qiwi Trails Developers have started using GitHub as an online source code repository for some of our software. We plan to add more software to this as it makes sense for those projects to be opened to the public. We have links to these repositories in our menu if you are interested in looking through them. Currently our Open Source software offerings are limited to game resources, but that will change as we develop new tools or interesting systems. We are eagerly looking forward to working with new clients on Open Source projects that will benefit them as much as they benefit us.