Friends for Al Skalicky – District 28

Missouri Senate District 28

We’ve set up a new website for the Friends for Al campaign. We’re also working with them to improve their social media outreach. We’ve set up a Twitter account, and have begun developing content for Facebook. Mr. Skalicky is a former Agriculture teacher from Bolivar Missouri. He’s running for the Missouri State Senate District 28 seat left open by Mike Parsons.

He has a lot of good ideas for the state, and we’re proud to be working with him to get his voice out there. Some of his views are listed below.


As a former Agriculture Teacher and Principal, Al knows what it takes to be a good teacher. Instead of pulling money away from public schools and sending it to private institutions, he wants to invest more in public education. He believes that by splitting the State’s focus (and education budget) more students will be left without a quality education that prepares them for the real world.

The man who chases two rabbits catches neither. ~Confucius


Owning a farm, and teaching about Agriculture for more than 20 years gives Al a unique perspective on what the state needs. He knows that it is Missouri’s single biggest contributor to the state and national economy. As a life-long member of the FFA, he brings a wealth of experience to the table to defend and encourage agriculture growth in our state.

Right to Work

Al stands firmly against so-called Right to Work legislation. The proposed purpose of Right to Work is to improve the number of jobs in the state. He believes that companies care more about an educated, well prepared workforce. Right to Work is a race-to-the-bottom scenario that will hurt Missouri in the long-term.

Special Election

Missouri is having a special election on August 8th. Register to vote and make your voice heard.