CertPenCode Signing with CertPen

Have you ever wanted a simple way to sign specific pieces of code? CertPen is the answer for you. You can use this application to quickly and easily sign any specific code object. This tool provides a graphical user interface to the Visual Studio code signing tool. As a result, you can easily sign anything without using the command line, or having to use post-build commands.

You can find the code here.

Is Code Signing Important?

For a lot of projects, signing your code might be incredibly impractical. Certificates are expensive, and the value they add for small projects is hardly measurable. For large scale projects, however, you get two primary benefits by signing your code:

  • Authentication
  • Integrity

When you choose to sign your code, you help create trust. Your customers will know that they are dealing with your code, and not someone else’s. That improves their safety. It also brands the software as yours, which prevents theft by redistribution. If you want to learn more about code signing, we recommend you read this.