BrandonMO72 Gaming


We are pleased to announce that we have started work on a new Crowd Funding program on Patreon with BrandonMO72 Gaming. The owner, Brandon Stauffer, is in the process of creating a new digital media company that focuses primarily on gaming. Already he has built a successful YouTube channel that offers a variety of different programs:

  • Brandon Completes – New(ish) games played start to finish
  • Brandon Runs His Mouth – Satire and opinion pieces
  • Looking Back – Games that are five to ten years old
  • Live Streams
  • Snapshot – Shorter videos looking at various games
  • Tech Corner – Vlogs and mixed media offering technical help and looking at the technology behind gaming

We are working with Brandon to develop his brand on Patreon. This will extend to his YouTube channel and improving sources of revenue.